Young Ones

Finding a Dance Teacher

Parents may keep the following in mind when looking for a good dance teacher for their child:

Jazz TeacherDedication and Teaching Style:
Make sure that the teacher is dedicated and passionate about the art of teaching dance.

You may request to watch a class before enrolling your child to observe the way he or she teaches a class.

Dedicated dance teachers will appear to be completely in love with the idea of teaching others how to dance.

A good dance teacher should be patient, supportive and positive and have good communication skills.
A good dance instructor will pay attention to each student and will make time to correct them individually.

He/she will never make a student feel stupid or embarrassed, but will notice improvements or when a step or exercise is executed brilliantly.

Different Dance Styles:
Some dance teachers conduct classes for several dance genres, such as ballet, tap, modern, hip-hop and jazz.



Dancing for the Young Child

Young modern dancerIn a dance class, young children learn skills such as listening carefully and not talking while instructions are being given.

They also learn to be a member of a group and to take turns.
Dance classes offer the opportunity to move to a beat, increase musicality and the use of the imagination.
Dance promotes discipline, coordination, memory, flexibility, strength, stamina, grace and poise.
Dance is a performing art and performing builds positive self-esteem and confidence.
Tiny tots love to move, stretch and jump. Children move naturally and they move because it is joyful and feels wonderful.  Through dancing, young children can be introduced to new ways of moving their little bodies.


Dance TailsDance "Tails"

Here, all kinds of creative dancing creatures  come to life.  They tell us all about their dancing adventures and sometimes give some handy tips which you can use in your dance class.


I was in trouble last week!

Ballet Shoe in Dog HouseMy mom called out: “Mary, bring your dance bag. It’s time to go to class!”  I grabbed my bag and looked inside.  “Mom, my shoes aren’t in my bag!”  My mom was very angry.  Everybody searched for my ballet shoes.  We found one shoe under the table and the other in the dog’s house. I was in big trouble!

Always put your dance shoes in your dance bag after class

Never let your dance shoes lie all over the house.


Ballet Stories

CopelliaDo you visit the theatre often?  Perhaps you would like to find out which ballet performance to attend?

Select a ballet from the index block to read a shortened version of the ballet story.