Hip Hop Girl MoveIn Hip Hop dancing many cultures are combined e.g African, American, Caribbean. Hip Hop has an ever-changing syllabus and you do not need Ballet training.

It is a good form of exercise
It improves co-ordination
It builds up confidence
It teaches you to work with other people
It teaches discipline and self discipline

Performing Hip Hop dancers become part of a team. They must have "vibe" and "attitude" and discipline to be able to dance in a group.

Hip Hop can include dance styles better known as “breaking”, “popping”, “locking” (a very dynamic dance. Consisting of lots of poses and "freezes") and “krumping”.  It also includes the many styles labelled as hip hop / old school hip hop (or hype), hip hop new style and freestyle.

There are many hip hop dance competitions around the world today, some allowing all styles to enter while others focus on more specific styles.

IDO, The International Dance Organization holds many competitions every year and some South African Dancers also participate in these world-class competitions.